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EmerGro's expertise is structuring unique commodity trade deals that bridges the gap between North and South American and African Oilseed and grain farmers and our predominantly Chinese customers.

A unique one-stop farm-to-feed mill or farm-to-factory direct supply chain service.


EmerGro's sourcing network in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, South Africa and The United States works closely with producers in these countries. Our producers include a diverse network of suppliers, farmers and cooperatives in these countries.

We align our sourcing with our customers specific demands and mitigate price risks through hedging strategies. EmerGro coordinate the downstream supply chain from the farmers, silos and warehouses through the ports to their final destination. Our customers include some of the main participants in the animal feed industry as well as corn/maize millers, oilseed crushers, refineries, and processors.

EmerGro is uniquely positioned to modify our sourcing and shipping strategies, to quickly adapt to unique customer demands, natural disasters, geopolitical instability or uncertainty, or to compensate for shifting consumer trends.


EmerGro's demand driven supply approach offers our customers improved cash flow, increased profit margins and predictable quality which allows for increased operational efficiency and financial sustainbility.

This allows EmerGro to offer our Global clients more options in the areas of:

  • Specific commodity procurement
  • Predictable competitive pricing
  • Flexible logistics options
  • Dynamic delivery schedules

EmerGro guarantees our clients operational efficiency, improved cash flow, increased profit margins and business Growth.